After seven years, the wait is almost over!

Spicks and Spicks is set to return to our screens for one night only, and the first trailer has just been released!

Adam, Myf and Alan have ‘got the band back together’ with a heap of guests including former regulars Denise Scott, Frank Woodley, Ricki-Lee Coulter and comedy troupe Tripod.

And how amazing does Alan Brough’s ‘Split Enz’ style haircut look???


Running on the ABC From 2005 until 2011, watching Spicks and Specks was a Wednesday ritual in most Aussie homes.

Team captain Myf Warhurst recently said:

“Sure, a few years have passed, a few more grey hairs have appeared, many things have dropped and I promise you we’ll be a bit slower on the buzzers answering questions, but we’re ready to do this. An added bonus is that this reunion is all about celebrating and showcasing Australian music for Ausmusic month so we were all easily convinced.”

Host Adam Hills explained his excitement as well: “Like most music acts, Myf, Alan and I are getting the band back together for one last gig,”

“Unlike most music acts, we all still get along with each other, and can’t wait to spend some time in each other’s company.”


The full Spicks & Specks reunion will kick off at 7.40pm on Sunday, November 4.

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