Introducing Cools, Australia’s premier hard juice brand. Born in Melbourne, the brand addresses a glaring gap in the local beverage scene after being frustrated by alcoholic drinks lacking flavour, Cools heralds a new era of vibrant drinking experiences.

“We set out to create a drink that is genuinely delicious and refreshing – something that’s all flavour, no fizz – and Cools delivers in every possible way.” Founder Dylan Hopkins says.

Their inaugural offering, Vodka Pineapple, blends real, non-carbonated pineapple juice with a generous splash of vodka. Soon to follow is Vodka Cranberry, promising another burst of fruity goodness.

Crafted without artificial flavours or added sugar, Cools’ recipes are perfected in Preston, striking a delicate balance between vodka and fruit juice. Best enjoyed chilled or over ice, these concoctions are set to grace shelves nationwide.

For those eager to quench their thirst, Dan Murphy’s awaits, while independent stockists are also available. Cools are aiming to be in all bottle-o’s soon!

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