This is definitely the cutest story you’ll hear today.

An ADORABLE 1 year old baby accidentally bought a ‘single’ onion off Deliveroo whilst playing on her Dad’s phone.

Now we say accidentally… but I’m suspicious…. I reckon she had MAD plans for those onions, but also that restaurant must have been so confused when the ‘order’ came through.

Her dad, Jaime, uploaded photos on Twitter. 

Twitter reacted appropriately – at absolute OUTRAGE at the price of that single onion.


The conversion is roughly to $3AUD for a single onion – what a rip off!!

But fear not, all’s well that ends well. Jaime kept everyone updated, saying the ‘single onion’ came as a bag of 3 and his daughter was very pleased with her onions.

And that’s really all that matters.

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