This is craftsmanship at its finest. A man has been fined for having finger-painted number plates but it’s okay because he also wrote ‘Not stolen OK’.

Well, you can’t question the facts.

At 2:00 am yesterday, the 26-year-old was cruising along John Rice Avenue in Elizabeth Vale, South Australia in his Mitsubishi sedan when police pulled him over.

It might have been the fact that he didn’t have his headlights which made SA Police suss but the finger-painted number plates probably didn’t help his case.

SA Police have said, “Police stopped the man and on closer examination, discovered the number plates had in fact been painted over and hand-painted with different characters and a helpful message.”

“Further enquiries revealed the driver was disqualified and his vehicle was unregistered and uninsured.”

So, probably not the best decision to be driving for many serious reasons for the arts-and-crafts culprit.