It’s safe to say the last few months have tested all of us individually, no matter what your personal circumstances are. So sometimes, you just have to do your bit to help one another out.

That is what one woman did when she was faced with a moral dilemma when she spotted a bottle of Gordon’s Pink Gin at Aldi, which was then part of the week’s Special Buys deals.

The shopper shared the story on Reddit, telling that she had reached for the sell-out item at the same time as another customer.

And what happened next was enough to make her give it away.

The shopper wrote, “She looked at me with a pained expression and said ‘Please. I’m homeschooling.’ I let her take it.”

“We Mums have to stick together in these difficult times and share the gin!”

The shopper was labelled a ‘hero’ by other Reddit users.


“As a homeschooling mother who loves her gin, I salute you! Your kindness shall go down in history,” one user commented.

We hope that mum enjoyed her gin. She DESERVES it!

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