Getting sick of your at-home workout or failing to find the motivation to do one at all? Well bad news then because experts are warning that gyms may not reopen across the country for another five months amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts have said that it’s likely gyms won’t be able to reopen until September, and even then it won’t all happen at once with a staged rollout most likely used to get things back to normal.

Professor Phil Russo from the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control said that at first classes will likely resume with up to 10 people before increasing to larger sizes if there are no outbreaks.

Things will likely look pretty similar to just before gyms shut fully, with equipment spaced apart to ensure social distancing.

“Gyms i think are going to be quite challenging when it comes to rolling back these decisions,” Professor Russo told Daily Mail Australia.

“Purely because they gather a large number of people in small areas. COVID is spread by person to person to contact and contaminated surfaces.”

Gyms, indoor sporting venues and outdoor exercise equipment were forced to close on March 23 due to tough new restrictions introduced by the government to combat COVID-19.


Microbiology Professor Peter Collignon from Australian National University told Daily Mail that people shouldn’t expect gyms to reopen before the end of winter.

“(It would be) a gradual thing where physical distance rules are going to have to be respected for quite a while and hand hygiene,” Professor Collignon said.

Many gyms are now offering workouts for people online so that they can stay fit from home.

This also comes as some beaches across Sydney have reopened for the purposes of exercise.

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