MAFS icon Jules Robinson took to Instagram last night to vent her frustration on a certain Kmart product that she claims was faulty!

Now, when I say which product it is… this is suddenly going to become the most relatable story you’ve ever read.

Robinson was expressing her anger at a ‘faulty’ pair of SOLAR. POWERED. LIGHTS.


How many times do you reckon you’ve given solar-powered lamps, fairy lights, or even torches a go, only to find they never work?!

In her Insta-story, she warned her followers to not bother wasting their money on them.


“Kmart I love you… but these do not work… don’t waste your money Kmart lovers!”

Obviously, we don’t know the details but I’m gonna assume she ‘charged them’ just like the instructions say to and then they didn’t turn on.

That’s my assumption based off my experience with every solar-powered light I’ve ever bought from anywhere!

Before this becomes my own personal rant about these sort of products, I’ll end it.


Have you ever bought any solar-powered item and it worked just fine for you?

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