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Ahh tax time. A time we all dread every year, and a time where the ultimate goal is how to maximise your refund!

It is also a time where so many of us are desperately looking for old receipts, and trying to figure out what we are able to claim back.

And while we know you guys are across the basics – we are here to let you know some of the more surprising things you can claim on tax this year.

If you have a slightly left of field career, this means what you might be able to claim is also slightly left of field.

For example – if you are a musician or a music teacher, you might be able to claim music lessons, or your musical instruments!

In the same way, if your job requires you to have a uniform, then you may claim laundry, and if you work outside, you might be able to be claim sunscreen costs!

If your business requires security, you might be able to claim the cost of your dog!


Rental property owners – you may be able to claim things that make your property attractive for rent, such as the garden gnomes, water features and landscaping!

SO many people often forget to claim their mobile phone – you might claim a portion of the bill if you use it for work purpose, for example, to check emails.

If you have been working from home, as so many of us have this year, then you may also be able to claim the cost of office furniture, a portion of your heating and cleaning bills, and also your internet bill!

Or, if you have still been commuting to and from work on public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you might be able to claim back on the cost of your face masks.

The most important thing at tax time is to make sure you have proof of what you’re claiming. This means receipts, bank statements or other documents that show you are entitled to be making those claims.

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This tax discussion is general only. Tax has complexities that depend on your personal circumstances, so you should obtain your own professional tax advice.