With Sydney undergoing a COVID cluster in the past week, some panic buying has been resuming as people try and comprehend being locked down.

However, one Sydney resident took to Facebook to reveal that she couldn’t get hold of toilet paper in her online order, and it was replaced by…

Incontinence pants.

That’s right., the Facebook user revelled that her toilet paper order was replaced with one pack of male and female plants.

In her post, the woman said “What brilliant mind in Woolworths thought that the solution to not having toilet paper is to GO IN YOUR PANTS???” they questioned, before adding, “And they put enough thought into it to give us his and hers options.”

Members of the group responding saying “OMG I laughed so hard I wished I was wearing incontinence pants!!”


“This is the best,” another said.

Woolworths replied saying: “We know it’s frustrating when an online order isn’t picked quite right, and we apologise to the customer for missing the mark on this occasion.

“Our team of personal shoppers work hard to pick perfect orders for our customers every time, but they’re human and don’t always get it right.’’

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