From barriers to purchasing limits, the coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed things up in our local supermarkets.

Now, there is a new things to add to the list – and if you’re a fan of all things Winter, you are not going to like it.

ALDI have cancelled their annual snow gear sale!

The iconic Special Buys event sees thousands of jackets, goggles, boots and layers hit stores across the country, giving families a chance to get everything they need for the snow season. So much so, people have been known to work in teams to make sure they can get the best deals.

“As we are prioritising the transport and distribution of our groceries, and due to the recent travel restrictions, our 2020 Snow Gear Special Buys will not be available as planned. We look forward to sharing our best-ever collection with you in 2021,” the supermarket said in a Facebook post.

The announcement divided customers who would usually be eager for the sale each year.


“I love the long ski socks. We use them for our son under his afos and every year stock up,” one user wrote, “I totally understand this decision. Thank you for making essential items a priority. Next year I’ll buy triple the amount.”

Others disagreed with ALDI’s choice, with one user commenting, “pity about the people who live in the colder areas. I was waiting for this to stock up on clothes to work in the paddocks in etc. Typical that they only think people who will go on holidays buys this stuff.”

It’s a shame we won’t be able to spend up and stock up, but there will always be next year!