Dust off that passport because it looks like Bali could reopen to tourists as early as October!

Back in March, the Indonesian foreign affairs minister began travel restrictions that meant only Indonesian citizens, diplomats and family members would be able to enter the country.

However, the coronavirus outbreak has – so far, so good – been successfully controlled which is GREAT NEWS and now the tourism ministry is looking to get things going again!

On Friday, Bali has only had 343 coronavirus cases and four deaths, a lower fatality rate compared to the rest of the Indonesian Archipelago, which has reportedly had 16, 496 cases and 1076 deaths.

Aussies LOVE Bali, news.com.au reports that approx. 1.2 million of us visit each year, and if the infection continues to be controlled we could see tourism flourishing once again.

Not only will that stimulate Bali’s economy and bring it back to life but it also means our dreams of travelling in 2020 can become a reality (phew)…

So, if you’re feeling the self-iso blues, don’t stress – your much needed tropical holiday could only be months away!

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