The internet era has brought us many crazy jobs previously thought impossible, but Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits has just raised the stakes with their new ‘professional party animal’ job listing.

Offering to pay two Aussies to fly, all-expenses-paid to Stockholm, this job will see the successful applicants tasked with partying all night long, from 7PM-3AM, with drinks coming your way all night.

With 5000SEK (around $760AUD) pay in addition to the trip, it sounds like a total dream gig to just fly to one of Europe’s best party cities and just go for it. The job description even says it’s a plus if you’re “single and ready to mingle”.

The catch? The drinks are alcohol free. The job is all part of a big experiment to see if their new non-alcoholic spirits can keep a dancefloor going all night; “The Gnista product development department needs first-hand intelligence on how Gnista consumption affects the desire to dance until dawn, inspire you to let loose (using your tie as a headband?) and if it gives you that pizza-craving Netflix bingeing (placebo) hangover.”

This job is definitely for experienced party animals – the successful candidate must have never tried being sober while out clubbing, so Designated Drivers, sorry, you’ve screwed yourself on this one. You’ll need that alcoholic expertise to compare how you feel on a night of non-alcoholic spirits compared to the usual.

Could you be the chosen party animal? Check out the job description on Gnista’s website for more.


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