A heartbroken woman has taken out a large newspaper ad to dump her lover after she found he was using her credit card to buy her gifts.

‘Charlotte’ from Brisbane bought the advert in Wednesday’s Courier-Mail to break up with her lover, named only as ’T’.

On page 15 it says ‘My Dearest T. Why’d you hurt me?’

‘I’ve spent late nights waiting for you to respond, to no avail. I’ve always picked you up, whenever you asked me to.

‘I’ve given you the space you needed, despite your control issues.’

The message goes on to say that ‘I’ve realised the gifts you “buy” for me, are actually bought with my credit card,’ 


‘I’m done. I’m done with constantly giving and never receiving.

‘My friends think I deserve better. I think so too. So yes, honey, I’m breaking up with you. Over. This. Ad.’

It then signs off with a lipstick kiss mark and she writes ‘Thank you, next. Charlotte.’