On Wednesday 17 July, as the full moon rises, the Story Bridge will be bathed in blue light in support of all Queenslanders living with diabetes.

In partnership with Abbott, Diabetes Queensland is also hosting education sessions on flash glucose monitoring. After the session, a group of 80 Diabetes Queensland members and supporters will have the opportunity to take part in a twilight climb of the Story Bridge.

On the same night, Diabetes Queensland will present the Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART) awards to four Diabetes Queensland research projects.

This National Diabetes Week (July 14-20), Diabetes Queensland is raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of diabetes to increase earlier detection and promote action.

These events draw attention to the fact that every day, almost 300 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes. For many, the diagnosis is late, which puts them at risk of life-threatening or serious health issues.

Diabetes Queensland are urging people to “take the time” to learn the signs and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Keep up with National Diabetes Week activities at https://www.itsabouttime.org.au/