Everyone might be trying to save their pretty pennies right now, but if you were going to find a good time to splash out and stock up on some new clothes, tech or homewares, this week is the time to do it – Click Frenzy is back!

From 7pm on Tuesday May 19 AEST, Australians can whip out their credit cards and enjoy more than 2000 deals from across the internet. Strangely, there will even be travel deals available!

Click Frenzy always go a little wild on a few items and this time around, there are some tech bargains that are so outrageous, it won’t cost you more than a fast food burger.

For example, those AirPods that you keep dreaming of… if you sign-up as a Click Frenzy member and can follow a series of clues, you can snap them up for $2!

And if you’ve been eyeing off a slick iPhone 11 which that gorgeous camera on the back, no need to dip into your savings… it’s just $12!

Oh, and if you’ve screwed over your hair during iso, no stress. If you’ve got say, three bucks handy, you can score a GHD hair straightener! What IS this???


If you want to get onto this 99% off bargains, you’ll need to be a member of Click Frenzy, so do that, like… now.

Other deals include beautiful Dysons, which will be discounted by up to 43% and there are plenty of shops for your pets too.


Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!