With more Australians opting for supermarket home delivery these days, we’ve been flicking through online catalogues a lot more these days. Therefore, Coles has made a decision which will shake up the way you shop for good.

The supermarket chain has announced it will no longer be delivering traditional paper catalogues to homes from September 9, and will instead move to a digital service, titled Coles&Co.

The new service will contain hundreds of half-price specials and weekly deals directly to email inboxes, saving 10,000 tonnes of paper every year.

“With COVID-19, we’ve really seen a shift to online shopping in the last few months, as lots of our customers try our contactless home delivery and Click&Collect services for the first time,” Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said.

“We’ve also seen an increase of more than 50% in readership for our digital catalogue since March.

“We are living at a time of unprecedented societal change, including a surge in the diversity of consumer tastes and dietary needs. As customers add more fresh food to their diet they’re shopping more often, and their appetite for immediacy and digital information means a weekly, one-size-fits-all, catalogue in their letterbox is no longer as relevant for them as it once was.”

If you’re still looking for that paper catalogue experience, you can still pick from the few that will be in stores.


To sign-up to Coles&Co, head to the Coles website.

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