Today the Daniel Morcombe Foundation asks parents, carers and educators to wear red, educate and donate.

We ask them to educate and empower children to recognise, react and report in unsafe situations.

Day for Daniel is the national day of action on child safety and protection. It is the largest child safety education and awareness day of its type in Australia.

Now in its 16th year, preregistrations online are at record levels with final numbers expected to reach almost 5,000 schools and early learning centres, also hundreds of businesses and events.

It is anticipated that over 1.3 million people across Australia will hold a conversation about child safety today.

Denise Morcombe says: “Today we wear red in memory of Daniel who as we know wore a red t-shirt on that fateful day on the 7 December 2003. Respectfully, around the country the community has never forgotten Daniel.”

This year, the Foundation has created Keeping Kids Safe Lesson Plans and a fun engaging boardgame called Morky’s Safety Mission to help parents, carers and educators have the personal safety conversation with their kids.



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