Our resident Counsellor, Heidi, shares some staggering stats and helpful tips for Divorce.

New research reveals that although going through a separation or divorce is emotionally draining and can be financially damaging, over nine in 10 Australians (93.1%) say they have grown emotionally and adapted since splitting from their former partner.

According to the Real Cost of Separation Report, commissioned by Real Insurance, emotional and mental costs are the largest factors in the separation or divorce process.

Among those who have split from their partners, two-thirds (62.0%)  admit that the mental and emotional toll was the most difficult aspect of the separation, followed by the impact on children (57.1%) and the financial issues that come along with the process (54.3%).

Close to nine in 10 (86.5%) believe that children are better off in the long run if parents do what makes themselves happy and healthy while almost three quarters (72.5%) agree that if managed right, children involved in separation or divorce can emerge from the experience with no negative impacts.

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