A dog owner has slammed American pet store Petsmart online after his pet came back from the groomer with a shocking new look.

User @realburtiis had taken his dog to the store for a haircut, with fur long enough to accessorise with a pretty pink bow on top of its head.

Well, the dog still had the hair on its head… but it looks like the instructions given by the owner were lost in translation!

In the ‘after’ photo, the dog has completely shaven fur, including in the face and around the eyes – and the owner was not impressed.

“Count your f**king days PetSmart,” the owner said in a now viral tweet.


People across the globe were amazed by the dog’s drastic new look, with the post being retweeted over 73,000 times and liked over 558,000 times.

Don’t worry, the dog’s hair will definitely grow back… soon.



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