On Saturday afternoon, a mother taking her dog for a walk with her two kids stumbled upon a smashed five-tier wedding cake in Balwyn. 

Justine was so intrigued by the intricately-designed cake that she decided to post a photo of it to the Facebook group Fifty Shades of Cake, asking members if they knew what had happened. 

“I would love to know why a wedding cake was left on the side of the road which we found on our dog walk today? Bad cake maker? Flavour not up to scratch? Wedding was a disaster?,” Justine asked.

After close examination, she discovered the lower cakes were display cakes, topped with a few real chocolate sponges. The entire cake was freshly iced with white fondant and embellished with sugar flowers. 

“There was no ‘council hard rubbish sticker’ anywhere to be seen! Hope to find out more and let you know!” she told the Facebook group. 

“Wow! I only thought that sort of thing happened in the United States. LOL! My guess is the bride was jilted by her groom & she left the cake there on purpose. If it were me, I would have had a party with that cake & eaten my fair share of it,” one member speculated.


“Someone has done an amazing job with this cake. Something must have really gone wrong. I would love to know what happened,” wrote another.

Two days later, Justine returned to take another video of the cake only to find its top layer even more damaged. 

“I’m back at the scene of where I found the cake yesterday just to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and my own for that matter — clearly I should have investigated more thoroughly,” she said.

“No one was home to ask why it was there, but I can tell you it is mainly display cake with evidence of tiers of chocolate cake on the top. Intricate sugar work, fondant and lots of hours to create I would say! (Not sure why it’s roadside, could have fit into a bin)!”

We hope Justine’s passionate investigative skills unveil the real reason behind the abandoned wedding cake. 

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