Every year the Baking Association of Australia (yes, it’s a real thing) travels the country to taste all the delicacies our great brown land has to offer and awards the prestigious ‘Australia’s Best Pie’.

As Australians, I believe we have every right to agree or disagree with their decision, it’s our national food for crying out loud. I’m not sure who was on the judging panel this year but my god they need to re-evaluate their life choices. Australia’s Best Pie for 2023 has been awarded to a FISH PIE.

Now look, a big congratulations is obviously in order to ‘Country Cob Bakery’ and their ‘Fish Amok’ pie but REALLY!? A FISH PIE!? That’s such a specific market, ya know, like the market for people who order a Filet-O-Fish at Maccas (we all have that one weird mate). I’m sure the Fish pie is delicious if you’re into that sort of thing, but surely every year ‘Australia’s Best Pie’ should be a good ol’ fashioned Beef or Steak pie, no?

What do you think?

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