We don’t think we’re overstating when we say that the biggest development of 2020 was the reemergence of Caramilk chocolate on our supermarket shelves.

We can’t think of a bigger story from last year (just don’t look too far into it).

And the long list of Caramilk collabs with other chocolate and non-chocolate foods has been an unexpected boon for lovers of the white chocolate/caramel choccies.

Now Cadbury have confirmed to News.com.au what is possibly the most tasty-sounding Caramilk cross-over to-date.

After rumours circulating online since what feels like last year, Cadbury have confirmed that we will be getting a Caramilk/Marble chocolate cross-over block.

It just makes sense, right? Caramilk blended with the hazelnutty goodness of Marble…sign us up!

Now, we know that this is the time of year that publications like ours fall for exciting and weird new cross-over products that turn out to be nothing more than an April Fool’s Day gag on a press release.


But honestly, this one seems legit. And if it’s not…well, Cadbury you’re off our Christmas card list this year.