We’ve been baking with Caramilk blocks for too long, sometimes a girl just needs an easy solution when making Caramilk brownies or strawberries dipped in Caramilk chocolate.

Using baking chips just makes it that little bit more convenient and are also the PERFECT size to pop into your mouth without anyone noticing.

From the 1st of March, Cadbury is releasing Caramilk Baking chips in Aussie supermarkets, “We have seen how creative CADBURY CARAMILK fans have been with the CADBURY CARAMILK chocolate block, and we can’t wait to see all of the fantastic recipes that will be created with our new baking product,” said Paul Chatfield Senior Marketing Director for Cadbury Australia.

“We’ve been amazed by some of the mind-boggling baked goods created by CADBURY CARAMILK fans since the block returned to shelves, and we’ve heard all of those asking us to release CADBURY CARAMILK in a baking-ready format. We are so inspired by their passion and creativity, so we’re extremely excited to be bringing this new product to shelves.”

The Caramilk Baking Chips will be sold for $6 a bag.


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