A hotly contested battle over the best Shapes flavour has caused major divisions across the country. Now, finally, we have an answer to a question that has many arguing in the supermarket aisle or around the snack table.

Could it be Savoury? Vegemite? Chedder? Pizza? Nope, none of these. Drumroll, please…

Chicken Crimpy has officially been crowned as the 2023 Flavour of Footy in Shapes history this year. Thousands of Australians from all corners of the country rallied behind this flavour, casting their votes in a poll held on the Arnotts Shapes Instagram page. This poll coincided with the recent grand finals of the NRL and AFL.

Surprisingly, Pizza made it to the semi-finals but was ultimately defeated by Barbecue in a stunning upset, leaving Chicken Crimpy to take the title.

So, why are Chicken Crimpies so good? With each bite, you get a nice crunch and an extra hit of saltiness that is undeniably moreish. You can also fit more dip on the biscuit, which is an added bonus. It’s a flavour that’s hard to resist.


Krishma Sood, the Marketing Manager for Shapes, expressed how intense the ongoing debate between Chicken Crimpy and Barbecue has been. “We’ve always known how passionate Shapes fans are, but witnessing the battle between Chicken Crimpy and Barbecue play out this weekend has levelled up this ongoing debate,” she shared.

The Chicken Crimpy flavour victory sparked mixed reactions. Many voters expressed disappointment and questioned the outcome, with some saying “there needs to be an investigation…BBQ robbed,” others simply wrote “how”.

Some, however were overjoyed, acknowledging that Chicken Crimpy truly deserves its status as a fan favourite.

Although Barbecue secured second place, Barbecue lovers need not be disheartened. After all, second place is still an accomplishment worth celebrating and it was voted the top flavour two years ago.


Research commissioned by Arnott’s in 2021 also found interesting insights about the flavour preferences of each state.

Victorians ranked Barbecue (24%) at the top, whereas New South Wales still favoured Chicken Crimpy (24%) as their number one choice.

Queenslanders also showed a liking for Chicken Crimpy with 26%, while Tasmania was divided between Pizza (30.87%) and Barbecue (30.71%).

However, residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) showed a strong preference for Nacho Cheese (26%), with only Pizza narrowly trailing behind at 26%.

The battle for Australia’s favourite Shapes flavour has come to an end for another year, and Chicken Crimpy stands victorious. Better luck next year Barbecue fans.

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