While in the past we would’ve been over the moon with roses, chocolates or a stuffed bear on Valentine’s Day, after seeing the latest gift trend for the day of love we want NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS!

Introducing the chicken nugget bouquet – the latest trend for Valentine’s Day this year.

According to Delish, more people are opting to give their Valentine the fried treat bouquet rather than sweet smelling roses. Because the way to our heart is DEFINITELY through our stomach amiright?

Pictures of the nugget bouquets have begun flooding social media, with some of them getting quite creative with the addition of decorative flowers and greenery used to fill out the bundle.


The good thing about this gift is that it’s the perfect gift for all genders, so if you’re a gal who constantly worries about what on earth you’re supposed to buy your fella for V-Day, then look no further.

You could easily make this one yourself too! All it would take is a quick trip to maccas, some skewers to hold them up and some nice paper!

Nugs are life and now that we know that these exist we’ll be mad if we don’t get one of Valentine’s Day! Anyone else with us on that one?