Many wacky flavours of corn chips are arriving on shelves these days. It definitely keeps snack time interesting and it’s a party in your mouth. 

Now, shoppers are totally hyped over a new flavour that has quietly hit supermarket shelves in Coles and we are definitely keen to try these ones out… CHICKEN NUGGET FLAVOUR!

The new chips are Coles branded and described as deli-style. They are currently retailing for $3 and are limited edition.

In the popular Facebook group Addicted To Bargains, many social media users were stoked over the new arrival.

“Tried them yesterday taste a bit like Kettle Honey Soy,” one reviewer said.

“All my Christmases have come at once,” another wrote.

According to savvy shoppers, apple pie ones have also been spotted too! OH MY WORDDDD.


Interestingly, it seems Coles had a web page for the chips but it has since been taken down. Maybe the chips were so popular they’ve sold out online or maybe they’ll just be in stores. Either way, we reckon these will fly off shelves, so make sure to grab a packet on your next essential run!




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