It hasn’t been the warmest/sunniest summer ever but this absolutely makes up for it!

Chilled Milo Dispensers are now available for commercial operators, we’re talking your convenience stores and 7/11s, but boy! IMAGINE one of these in your workplace.

That would be one way to get your staff back in the office.

Introducing… ‘The Iced Milo for CoolPro’ is a machine launched by Nestlé Professional that will give you cold milo at the touch of a button.

Nestlé Professional is offering businesses a free trial at the moment so you’ll see them popping up all over the country BUT when will I be able to get a free trial… for my apartment.

Apparently 65% of Aussies like their Milo cold, I would be one of them, and this little contraption has honestly blown my mind.




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