They say they have a coke for every moment – and now that includes those moments when you feel so tired that you resemble a zombie!

Coca Cola have just announced that their new energy drink will be launched in Australia! And it’s coming very soon!

It’s called Coca Cola Energy and while it has caffeine and guarana added to give you that extra boost, it apparently tastes exactly like the coke we all know and love!

The energy drink will come in 250ml cans and will even include a no sugar option for those looking to keep it that extra bit healthy!

“It is an exciting product to be introducing to Australians and we think it will appeal to busy people on-the-go who are looking for an extra energy kick with a great Coca-Cola taste,” says Coca-Cola Australia’s Marketing Director Lucie Austin.


Coca Cola Energy will launch in stores across Australia from June 26 so get ready to move with a new energy people!