Dan Murphy’s will be keeping one of its social distancing measures for good after it received great feedback from its customers.

The company has announced it will now offer its direct to boot service permanently across over one hundred stores.

The service means customers can order online and don’t need to enter the store to pick up their order.

“Customers are telling us they love this contactless and effortless service option. They can simply place their order, drive to the store and check in on their phones then pop the boot and relax while our store team places their order in the boot,” said Alex Freudmann, managing director of Dan Murphy’s.

The service was first implemented at Ringwood Dan Murphy’s in Melbourne and is now active in 38 stores.

“The feedback from our customers has been so great that we have decided to keep this as an ongoing service option in the stores that are able to offer it. We are planning to roll the direct-to-boot to an additional 70 stores in the next four weeks, which means we’ll have around 110 stores offering the service soon, with a view to continuing to expand over the coming months,” said Freudmann.

Customers will be able to shop online or via the app. They are then sent a confirmation text when their order is ready, once at the store, they check-in via a link and a Dan Murphy’s store attendant will come outside and check their ID before delivering their order.

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