Feeding the family has never been so easy with Deliveroo offering every Australian $1 delivery from over 12,750 restaurants. 

Deliveroo is offering every Australian an unlimited number of $1 deliveries for the next two weeks.

The offer is designed to give a boost to the local hospitality industry, marking exactly one year since the beginning of restrictions, which significantly impacted hundreds of thousands of Australian hospitality businesses.

$1 delivery will be available from every restaurant on Deliveroo across Australia – except KFC outlets. The exclusive offer begins 1 March and runs for two weeks through to 14 March.

The deal includes Maccas, Guzman y Gomez and Gelato Messina as well as thousands of local favourites.

For the full fortnight, Deliveroo will be covering the bulk of the delivery fee, ensuring no restaurant or rider is left out of pocket.

This will make the transition into Autumn so much easier! What will you be ordering?

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