If you’re a frequent toker you may have come across a new food trend: storing avocados in water to stop them browning.

The theory is putting your avo’s into a container of water then storing that in the fridge will stop them from oxidizing (aka turning to a brown gooey mess).


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Sounds good in theory BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t do it! Dietitian Dr Duane Mellor told The Daily Mail leaving fresh fruit in water can make you quite sick. Apparently it makes it easier for bacteria like salmonella and the likes to grown on the skin, which could make you quite unwell. ““By storing them in water, it’s only likely to increase the risk of these bacteria which may be harmlessly existing on the fruit’s skin”.


Soooo yeah, don’t be doin’ that. Just eat the whole thing in one go, problem solved, smashed avo for everyone!

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