Like a day after announcing the new names two of its Allen’s-branded lollies…  parent company Nestlé is again copping it.

On Monday, Nestlé said Red Skins would officially become Red Ripper, and Chicos will become Cheekies after revealing the racially insensitive names were out of step with the company’s values.

The internet then not-so-politely pointed out something.

The Red Ripper was the name of a serial killer.

Russian Andrei Chikatilo murdered, mutilated and raped at least 52 women during a 22-year spree. He was executed in 1994.


Of course, internet 100% reacted.


“Allens has re-named one of its lollies after a psychotic woman killer… does no one have Google there?” one said.

“Which genius at the Allen’s marketing department came up with the idea to rename Redskins to the nickname of Russia’s worst serial killer?” was another.


Red Rippers and Cheekies will hit shelves early 2021.

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