For 60 years, Drumstick has celebrated iconic summer moments and brought the summer escape to Aussies anytime, anywhere…

To celebrate Drumstick’s 60th Birthday, Peter’s Drumstick has partnered with leading environmental charity, Clean Up Australia with the aim to help protect our beautiful Australian landscapes for the next 60 years and beyond. Peter’s will be pledging $250,000 to go towards Clean Up Kits and calling upon fellow Aussies to help join in on Clean Up Australia Day via a Clean Up Our Summer campaign.

Drumstick have also launched three new flavours each paying homage to an iconic summer location;

Clean Up Our Beaches Hokey PokeyA sandy-coloured toffee base with butterscotch pieces and swirling toffee sauce… An ode to the beach, where scorching sand meets sparkling blue oceans.

Clean Up Our Parks Choc CookieDrumstick’s signature vanilla mixed with winding caramel sauce and bursts of choc chips… An ode to Aussie rivers where land and water twist and turn. A much-loved way to spend a scorching summer’s day.

Clean Up Our Rivers Vanilla Caramel Choc ChipA combination of cookies & cream and chocolate with chewy chocolate cookie chunks and gooey chocolate sauce; an ode to all of the Australian parks where we play, picnic and peruse.

Each flavour also extends the invitation to clean up on back of pack.


To participate in Clean Up Our Summer, simply choose your flavour of choice, scan the QR code on the pack which will take you to the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick site. Here you can sign up for your own free Clean Up Australia kit and join Australia’s largest community-based environmental event on Sunday 5 March 2023. Now you can enjoy your Drumstick and feel good about taking home more rubbish than you left with.

To join Clean Up Our Summer visit to sign up for your free clean up kit.

Drumstick’s Clean Up Our Summer range is now available at all major supermarkets, and Choc Cookie exclusively available at Coles.