We’re all addicted to El Camino Cantina frozen Margs, they’ve already got us hook, line and sinker…

But now they’re adding a little…twist.

The Summer of Swirls brings dual frozen Margaritas, with two flavours swirled together in one glass in absolute harmony.

From the 1st of February until the 28th of February you’ll be able to get your hands on 6 swirled frozen flavours across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast!

  • Pine Lime Splice
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Lychee Colada
  • Calypso Crush
  • Lychee Lagoon

The Summer of Swirls also comes with a delicious side menu of limited-edition wings and tacos!

Summer Lovin’ Wings:

  • Lime, chilli, and sesame
  • Mango habanero
  • BBQ and pineapple
  • Cajun with honey mustard dipping sauce
  • Chipotle and adobo with ranch dipping sauce

Summer Lovin’ Tacos:

  • Lamb barbacoa, cucumber and mint slaw, coriander, capsicum salsa
  • Crispy pork belly, habanero pickled onions, salsa verde
  • Fish taco, white cabbage, mango relish, jalapeno, radish
  • Chipotle and adobo chicken, red cabbage, sour cream, jalapeno, coriander
Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!