These days most people say that if you want to be healthier you should cut bread out of your diet, however there is now one loaf that is being widely praised by dietitians.

Retailing for $4.99, Aldi’s Baker’s Life Lower Carb High Protein Bread, is being recommend for it’s high amount of protein and fibre in comparison with its relatively small amount of carbohydrates.

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Looking for something to replace your toast in the morning? Looking for something quick and easy for a post workout snack?? Know your should give up bread, but can't seem to shake it?? I've found a solution. With 23g of protein, 10g of dietary fiber and only 5g of carbs in 2 slices why wouldn't you indulge every now and then?! Great taste, macro friendly, and filling . . . . . . #aldibread #highprotein #lowcarb #postworkout #macros #nutritionforhealth #nutritionandexercise #nutritioncoach #healthandwellness #healthandfitness #personaltrainer #foodforhealth #nutritious #healthyeating #healthyandfit #thesweatshopfitness #letsgetfittogether #juststrong #crossfitmumma #fitfam #instafamily #fitness #fitmumlife #fitnessandhealth #fitnessandnutrition

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Dietitian Lyndi Cohen has told FEMAIL: ‘If you’re managing your weight or want a filling or lower carb option, then this is an interesting and great product,’

‘Normal white bread is often made up mostly of refined flour, however this option is made using seeds and wholegrains providing healthy fats, protein and fibre.’ Lyndi said that unlike traditional breads, this ‘low GI option will keep you feeling full and satisfied for many hours after eating’.

‘What I find most impressive is that it’s a great source of fibre, and eating a good amount of fibre can help you to manage your weight, blood sugar levels, appetite and lower your risk of some cancers.’


Cohen also revealed that the bread contains ‘an incredible grain called Lupin, which is being made in Australia’.

‘It’s naturally very high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and is perhaps one of the reasons this bread has such impressive nutrition information,’

The dietitian also recommended several other supermarket loaves including Burgen’s Soy and Lin, Helga’s Lower Carb Five Seeds, as well as Burgen’s Wholemeal and Seeds.

‘It’s not bad for you to eat bread but by making a healthier option, you can make a big difference to your health,’ Lyndi continued.


‘Bread is a really affordable and convenient basic to keep on hand. Choose an option for whole grains and wholemeal flour – and you’ll already be miles ahead of the processed white bread options.’

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