While everyone’s been stuck at home in self-isolation a lot of people have turned to two things – TikTok and trying new things in the kitchen.

As a result, pretty much everyone was trying a new TikTok trend of making whipped coffee, which is more traditionally known as dalgona coffee.

Basically it showed people combining instant coffee, sugar and water with an electric mixer and spooning the fluffy mixture on top of the milk of their choice.

Well the reason we bring it up is that of course the trend has since inspired other types of whipped drinks and one in particular has caught our eye thanks to the BEAUTIFUL colour!

Yep, people are now making the whipped mixture with strawberry milk! And honestly just look at it!


We don’t even care if what it tastes like we’d just make it for that gorgeous millennial pink colour, which is MUCH better than the kinda gross looking brown colour of dalgona coffee.

All you need to make this version is strawberry Nesquik and whipping cream. Then you whisk that all together and serve over milk!

You can obviously make it with the chocolate version of Nesquik too if that’s your preferred flavour. And TBH there’s probably tons of other combinations you can try!

We know what we’ll be doing this weekend! Whipped Nutella anyone..? Yummo!


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