We’re all familiar with the ol’ goon bag. It’s always been known for it’s cheap, easy alcohol fix. And hanging off clothes lines.

The Glenlivet has jumped in and decided to break that stereotype.

Introducing The Glenlivet‘s 12 Year Old Premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the much-loved Australian GOON BAG! The Goonlivet! With an easy-pouring, eye-catching 1.5 litre ‘bag-in-box’ format, it’s perfect for making cocktails at home or bringing along to parties, BBQs and camping trips with friends – a truly Aussie innovation.

The new format aims to open up new drinking occasions that whisky has traditionally not been part of. The portability and flexibility of the boxed Scotch makes it suitable for everything from parties to camping trips with friends.

The Goonlivet will be available to pre-order via The Glenlivet website here and via The Whisky Club. To celebrate the launch, world renowned Sydney-based bar, Maybe Sammy will be serving ‘Goon Fashioned’ cocktails from April 1.

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