Cocktails are delicious but can be a royal pain in the ass to make. Luckily for the lazy cocktail lover Bacardí have well and truly come to the rescue.

They’ve taken their iconic Caribbean rum and infused it with two new incredible flavours: Raspberry and Coconut. Before we continue I’d just like to say, in my professional opinion, they’re GODDAMN tasty (you can quote me on that).

BACARDÍ Raspberry and BACARDÍ Coconut are perfect for adding to classic cocktails OR throwing in your favourite juice or soda for an instant cocktail with none of that shaking, slicing or zesting rubbish. Also, during my research, I worked out if you mix the new raspberry one with Coca-Cola it tastes exactly like if you have a frozen coke and raspberry that’s melted a little AMAZING.

Head to your local bottle shop or their website to get your hands on some. Over 18’s only, drink responsibly, don’t call your exes drunk.

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