With the warm weather taking hold, you’ll be forgiven for wanting to eat ice cream for every meal of the day. It is definitely the most delicious way to defeat the Summer heat!

If you’re craving more ice cream in your life, but need to seriously give that ice cream scoop a breather, this will be the next best thing.

KitKat have dropped two new delightful flavours of chocolate dedicated to ice cream as an odé to the Aussie Summer – Caramel Crisp and Mini Choc Chip. Oh my!

Whether it’s the creamy caramel chocolate with French caramel flakes and a white chocolate base that has you salivating, or mint flavoured chocolate with Swiss cocoa crisps on a milk chocolate base that would leave you wanted a second block… this is what dreams are made of.

There are definitely old school milk bar flashbacks with every bite, and I’m absolutely not complaining!

The new blocks will be available for $5 a pop, or $1.99 in smaller sizes in major supermarkets and select convenience stores.