Say goodbye to your diet and say hello to the greatest collab that we’ve heard of all damn year!

Two of Australia’s best sweets have combined their goodness to create not one, but two new and delicious treats.

Yep, Golden Gaytime ice-cream and Krispy Kreme doughnuts have teamed up to create the combo of our dreams, a Krispy Kreme inspired Gaytime and a Gaytime inspired doughnut!

The first of the treats is perfect for summer, re-vamping the ice-cream to include an original-glazed inspired ice-cream filling and with a doughnut flavoured crumb on the outside.

The doughnut on the other hand is the same Krispy Kreme treat that we all know and lover but dipped in chocolate, coated in Golden Gaytime crumbs and filled with toffee and vanilla creme.


Would you like a napkin for all that drool?

Both snacks will be available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores across Australia from TODAY! So you can bet where we’ll be heading after work…

They’re only available for a limited time though so be quick if you want to try one for yourself!