Kellogg’s Coco Pops is partnering with Gelato Messina in their mad Willy Wonka-esque dessert lab to create a limited edition gelato!

‘Just Like A White Chocolate Milkshake,’ is celebrating the release of Coco Pops new white chocolate flavour in Australia.

You’re about to die when you hear how they make it…

It starts with soaking the White Chocolate Coco Pops in jersey milk, which apparently creates a caramel and marshmallow-y flavour, this is then churned into gelato and layered with Coco Pops White Choc clusters…

Now for some bad news….

You can ONLY get this flavour for 1 week only. I repeat, 1 WEEK ONLY!


So from Tuesday 1st of September, you get 7 days to chow down on what sounds like the dreamiest flavour ever.

The original ‘Just Like A Milkshake’ flavour made with regular Coco Pops is so immensely popular when it’s in stores, this was an inevitable edition.

You’ll be able to get the flavour across all stores in Queensland – Fortitude Valley, South Brisbane & Coolangatta as well as on Deliveroo!



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