If you’re anything like else, then no doubt you’ve been telling yourself for weeks on end now that you’re going to get your act together and stop eating your entire bodyweight in snacks on the daily.

Well you’d better say bye bye to that plan because Macca’s have just made an announcement that’s going to change everything.

The good people over at McDonald’s have said that they want to give us all a break from the kitchen and will be offering FREE delivery every single weekend for the next MONTH!

And honestly bless them!

The free McDelivery will be available via UberEats every weekend starting tomorrow (Friday May 8) until the end of June on orders over $25.00.


All you need to do is be following the McDonald’s Australia Facebook page and keep an eye out for the weekly prop code to redeem the offer on the UberEats app.

We’ll make the first week easy for you though, with the first code being MACCAS2U

“We know our customers enjoy having their Macca’s delivered contact-free straight to their door, and that our recent free delivery promotion has been a hit with our fans,” said the Head of Home Delivery at McDonald’s Australia, Jen Evans.

“We’re excited to announce that starting this Friday, we’re extending our free delivery offer. We’ll be waiving delivery fees on McDelivery orders of $25 or more that are placed via the Uber Eats app, across every weekend for the rest of May and throughout June.”

How good is that! We’re certainly loving it, but we know that our trainer when the gyms finally open up won’t be… That’s a future us problem though.

For now, we’re just going to enjoy delicious Macca’s every weekend delivered to our door for absolutely nothing!