The stars have aligned to give us what can only be the most exciting team-up of things that have ever teamed up.

Mint! Maxibon and Rick and Morty have joined forced to launch the Pickle Rick Mint Maxibon in 7-Elevens across Australia.

As of today, Maxibon is turning itself into a Pickle Rick Mint to deliver to the choc-mintiest flavour explosion to unexpecting Aussies in the nation.

The limited edition flavour has all the best Maxibon features with a minty twist; we’ve got the iconic Maxibon biscuit sandwiching a mint icecream slab speckled with mint crisps, one half of which is dipped in green white chocolate and cookie crumbs.

Rick would be pleased.



Apparently, Australians have been screaming for a mint Maxibon and it’s finally happening in the most random partnering you can imagine, which is what makes it genius.

Timed with the imminent launch of Rick and Morty Season 5, it’s almost law to sit down to stream the episode with one of these green monstrosities in our hands.

“We heard the calls for a mint upgrade and we know there was no better way to launch our most requested flavour than with Pickle Rick. As pop culture icons and the world’s biggest ice-cream lovers, we knew Rick and Morty would authentically bring our exclusive mint flavour to life,” Carla Spadafora, Marketing Manager at Peters said.

The limited-edition Maxibon Pickle Rick Mint is available exclusively at  7-Eleven stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia immediately and South Australian fans can pick one up at OTR stores from July.




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