Picture this, you and your mates are passing around a bag of Allen’s snakes, you reach in and under your breath say “please don’t be yellow or green”. You pull out a green and now you’re either going to be one of those people that puts it back and scrummages for another flavour, to be met with side-eyes, or you just have to cop it.

Allen’s is here to save the day and eliminate this harsh social anxiety. Allen’s fans voted on their favourite Snakes Alive flavours on Allen’s’ Instagram, with 64% saying Red (Strawberry) and Purple (Blackberry) take the crown. Hence Berry Snakes Alive were born.

The new range includes Strawberry and Blackberry flavour snakes, combined with two new juicy Raspberry and Blueberry flavours.

Not to worry if you’re still a fan of Allen’s Snakes Alive, those flavours aren’t going anywhere!