Nutri-Grain is already the most slept on brekkie cereal, if you haven’t tried it recently it’s the most delicious of the cereals.

Well, now the icon Nutri-Grain is collab-ing with OAK milk to create the ultimate creation.

The Nutri-Grain x OAK Vanilla Malt Cereal

The classic feel of a bowl of Nutri-Grain with the added sweet creaminess of an OAK Plus Vanilla Malt Milk.

Dan Bitti, Kellogg’s Senior Marketing Lead Breakfast says, “Aussies love it when their favourite brands mash-up, and following our recent Coco Pops & Gaytime collab, Nutri-Grain joining forces with another Aussie icon in Oak Plus brings families another new way to experience their favourite breakfast like they’ve never had before.”

These are available in your local Woolies as of NOW but get in there ASAP because they’ll only be available for a limited time.