Earlier this month, Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Ikea released a Swedish Meatball Pizza using Ikea’s famously DELICIOUS meatballs as a pizza topping. 

But no, that wasn’t good enough… they needed to do more… to be better… TO MAKE HISTORY!

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【Pizza Hut x IKEA = 🇸🇪 】 .
Pizza Hut出新批?身為忠實粉絲嘅小編,梗係望都冇望就落單啦~乜個批上面啲肉丸咁熟口面嘅…咬一啖試吓先,咦咦咦!!呢個味,咪就係IKEA嘅瑞典肉丸!!仲有佢嘅soulmate瑞典有機紅果醬!加埋辣肉腸、芝士、蕃茄醬幾款經典餡料,組成一款意想不到嘅crossover滋味,除咗有普通批同大批兩個選擇,仲有午市迷你批套餐、全日套餐免費升級優惠添啊。優惠停不了,而家喺香港Pizza Hut嗌「必勝宜家批」即送你IKEA瑞典美食廊85折優惠券,送完即止!呢個Pizza係期間限定,把握機會試吓喇! .
#全靠必勝宜家批 #小編唔使炒但要焗

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So what they’ve come out with is so left of field, we never saw it coming.

Remember those little white tables they put on top of your pizzas in the box to stop the lid messing up the cheese?



Well imagine that, but LIFE-SIZE!


Something big enough to use as an actual table, to actually eat your pizza on – this is literally Pizza-ception!


And it just keeps getting better. The packaging of the table isn’t just a normal Ikea flatpack, it’s a HUGE PIZZA BOX!

The two brands collaborated with Ogilvy Hong Kong, a creative agency that designed the impressive advertisements. 

It’s like so self-aware and funny, I just wish they could drop this globally! Until then, I’ll keep eating my pizza on the floor crying to myself.




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