In the most unexpected plot twist of the year, Pizza Hut is entering the booze game and will be offering a beer delivery service!

What goes better with a cheesy pepperoni than an ice-cold beer?

The company will be offering pizza and six-packs of a variety of beer with the rollout beginning in Queensland and Victoria.

Don’t fret though because they’ve promised to roll it out nationally!!

For those old enough, you might remember that Pizza Hut used to sell alcohol when it first opened in the 1970’s, where you could purchase a bottle of red for $2 and beer for 25c!!!

Oh the good old days…

So what beer will you be able to grab?


Looks like they’re offering a range from Great Northern, VB and Corona with QLD getting the option of XXXX and Melbourne getting the option of Furphy.

There will be two steps to verify that customers are over the age of 18, first with proof of age verification before you can order and then again when the delivery driver delivers your food.

The six-pack will cost us an extra $19.95 alongside any pizza, pasta or wing dish which is very fair indeed.







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