We could be wrong, but we think that Pizza Hut may have peaked with this latest collab.

Their newest thing on the menu is called the Schnitzza.

Get this: Instead of a classic dough pizza base, it a chicken schnitzel base.


The Schnitzza comes in four flavours — Margherita Schnitzza, Hawaiian Schnitzza, Creamy Ham & Mushroom Schnitzza and the BBQ Beef & Ham Schnitzza…  all on a chicken schnitty base.


Pizza Hut Australia’s national marketing manager Tamsin Lysons said words like parmi, parmy or parma are redundant here.

“It’s a Schnitzza,” she declared, just like that, adding it was set to be “this year’s hottest food hybrid”.

But Ms Lysons took it a step further, stepping into a lane we didn’t expect.

“We’re excited to bring Aussies an iconic part of pub culture, re-imagined in pizza form.”

They even transformed one of their stores into a virtual ‘Schnitzza Hut’ – a Pizza Hut made to look like an iconic Aussie outback pub.

The Schnitzza is $18 delivered or $15 pick up.