Brace yourselves, a new range of Shapes biscuits, “Fully Loaded” have hit the shelves and they truly live up to their name!

The Shapes Fully Loaded range comes in four epic flavours including: Sizzling Meatlovers, Flame Grilled Chicken, Ultimate Cheese and Epic Garlic Bread.

Shapes was so confident about the massive crunch in its Fully Loaded range that we took a heap of snacks into a soundproof recording studio to measure how loudly each one crunches. The results speak for themselves:

  • Shapes Fully Loaded – 87.25 decibels
  • CC’s Corn Chips – 86 decibels
  • Doritos Corn Chips – 83.25 decibels
  • Doritos 3D – 82.5 decibels
  • Smiths Original Crinkle Potato Chips – 81.25 decibels
  • Burger Rings – 81 decibels
  • Red Rock Deli Style Crackers – 80 decibels
  • Cheezels – 78.75 decibels
  • Sunbites Snack Crackers – 78.25 decibels
  • Ritz Cracker Bites – 77 decibels
  •  Twisties – 75 decibels
  •  In a Biskit – 71 decibels
  • Natural Cracker Co Crispy Crackers – 69.5 decibels

The Fully Loaded range is now available on shelves at Woolworths for $3.50, and Epic Garlic Bread will be available exclusively at Coles from the end of August.

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