I’m not gonna lie, I was QUITE upset to find out that Kinder’s ice cream range does not appear to be available in Australia.

I did a lot of googling, then realised I could find all the answers I seek on the Kinder Australia & NZ product page and it doesn’t look good.

But I know how the other side lives now, places in Europe have been BLESSED with the likes of Bueno Ice Cream cones, Bueno Ice Cream Bars and even delightful little ice cream sticks.

As one of the hottest countries in the world, surely Australia is entitled to one of these products.

Well, I’m set to make changes in this world before I die and this will be my legacy.

I have set up a petition to ‘GET KINDER ICE CREAM PRODUCTS TO AUSTRALIA!!’ and I need you all to rally behind me to see this through.





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